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My love for old American cars led me to the decision to bring my first in 2015 veteran. It was eventually a '63 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible auctioned on eBay and the work on it was hard. Since then, I have brought several different brands and types, I enjoy the diversity, the opportunity to try out their technical parameters, ride in different models.

Today, I already have reliable technicians in the States and Canada who will inspect the car in it's place, test drive and after an online consultation, decide whether to buy the car. The priority is always their technical condition and originality of the car.

From the beginning, I have been importing cars with my friend Tom - both for myself, for joy and enthusiasm of owning a V8, as well as for a specific order. Together, we eliminate any technical defects, we put the car on historical plates and if our main work allows us in time, we drive it as much as possible.

The whole thing is a slow job with finding not only cars, but also spare parts, catalogs, manuals, brochures from dealers, etc.. Then I provide subsequent transport to the Czech Republic.

Here, in the Czech Republic, after an agreement, I can transport almost any car across the country with my 3t lift.

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